Why Mitsubishi Outlander Is The Best 7-Seater SUV for You?

Recently, Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia (MMM) has launched the New Mitsubishi Outlander 2019! Is this model the best 7-seater SUV in Malaysia? Find out our intake on the brand New Mitsubishi Outlander 2019 and decide whether is it the best SUV car for you.

mitsubishi outlander red

Seven Seater SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle)

The Mitsubishi Outlander is a SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) with seven seats or we can say, 5 + 2. In terms of design, it highlights elegant persona without any extreme elements. Why do we write this Outlander 5 + 2 rather than seven seats? Realistically, only 5 adults can sit on the front and centre
seats where the last line is more suitable for children.

More power with less fuel consumption

With DOHC MIVEC 2.4Liter engine, Mitsubishi Outlander 2.4 CKD is capable of generating 164hp at 6,000rpm and 222Nm torque as low as 4,100rpm. Which is adequate in terms of acceleration and a very comfortable feel to travel far across the highway. And it gives slight difference for fuel consumption readings where 13 km / l for 2.4L model compare to 2.0L model that gives 13.7 km / l.

Exterior Looks

On the outside, there are attractive features such as DRL (Daytime Running Lights) LED lamp for daytime use, 18-inch dual-colour alloy wheels and ‘shark fin antenna’ with a very sleek look. Not too bland and not too extreme that is suitable for Asian taste.

4WD System

The Outlander also has a 4WD system which completed with three driving modes: 4WD Auto, 4WD Eco, and 4WD Lock. 4WD Auto is suitable if the driver wants to let the system assess and choose the all-wheel drive system on the perceived situation, for example when wet weather and wet roads. However, if the road surface is challenging, a lightweight off-road or climb route, the driver can make it locked all the time in 4WD Lock mode. In a relatively normal way, we can choose driving style on the 4WD Eco mode as to drive in crowded urban areas, villages, and highways.

Other Amazing Features

For the sake of prosperity, the rear bonnet or electronic tailgate has been installed and can be opened or closed with only one button on the ‘keyless’ key or close to the driver’s seat. With good performance, fuel efficient use, and the ability to travel to places where sedan cars cannot be accessed (not forgetting the number of passengers and cargoes this Outlander can carry), it also has a very complete security system such as 7 airbags, ABS, ASC, EBD, Grip Control & Active Stability (ASTC), Start Up Support, front parking sensors, solar / security mirror films on all windows and back-up cameras with guidelines Digital Video Recorder (DVR) and also 5 years warranty.

All in all

Is New Mitsubishi Outlander be the SUV car for you? Yes, of course for those who need a seven-seater SUV but do not want to spend big money to get bigger models. Read more about this model here: http://www.mitsubishi-motors.com.my/outlander