What Makes a Job Posting Bad?

job posting

Preparing a job posting isn’t simple; it isn’t just writing job titles and their roles on a job ad. An excellent job posting has precise information about the job position and a clear title that candidates can easily search online.

On the other hand, a lousy job posting is a waste of time and money. Not only is ineffective, but it could also damage your employer brand. To avoid these negative implications from happening, make sure your job posting doesn’t have these mistakes below:

A vague job title

Unclear job titles are ineffective because your candidates will often be more confused than interested in the position. Instead, you should apply the search engine logic when writing a title. Use standard and straightforward job titles like “web developer” because it’s easy for candidates to search for it.

Lacks basic information

Even with a proper title, you’re not going to get candidates to apply if your job posting doesn’t have the necessary information. Check if your ad has pieces of information such as the details of the role, responsibilities, and requirements. It is also crucial to include the steps to apply in your job posting.


Nobody has the attention to read long paragraphs these days, and the same applies to job postings. It’s great to include as much information about the job and your company, but people like to skim. Always be straightforward in your ads and use bullet points.

job posting

Grammar and spelling mistakes

Just like how some recruiters reject candidates for spelling errors in their resumes, job applicants can also act that way with your job posting. Before you post your ad, always get people to read and check for silly mistakes.


To find the perfect candidate, you must have an excellent job posting to attract them. If you noticed these mistakes in your current job posting, it’s never too late to rewrite it.

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