What is Image Recognition and How Does It Work?

vivo s1

Did you know our smartphones are now smart enough to recognise objects from pictures? For example, phones like the Vivo S1 can identify a product from an image and search through the databases of hundred e-commerce platforms so you can find it on an online store. The machine’s ability to identify and detect an object in a digital image is called image recognition.

What is image recognition?

The technology behind image recognition is deep learning, and it identifies places, logos, buildings, objects in images. Many companies in various fields are adopting image recognition for business and security applications, applying it into hardware, software and services.

vivo s1

How does image recognition work?

Image recognition depends on the ability to classify and categorise images, which means the machine searches for matching patterns with data. The more data you give to a machine, the better it identifies an object from digital images.

With deep learning algorithms, the computer analyses millions of pictures, labelling them and predicting patterns from them. After training a machine to learn patterns, the computer can build a predictive model and recognise a target.

In a time and world where cameras and smartphones are taking a massive amount of pictures, computers can learn from this endless source of images and develop into an accurate system. The more you gather and organise data, the more precise the image recognition.

How can you use image recognition?

Although the major applications of image recognition are face recognition, security and object recognition, this form of technology can be used in other fields and industries.

For example, in the e-commerce industry, smartphones users can use image recognition to identify your products and leading them to your online store. Other fields that also use image recognition are the gaming and automotive industries.


With image recognition, the possibilities are endless. Its potential applies to both big and small business, and it creates a better technological experience for consumers.

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