Short Vacation in Malaysia: Desaru Johor Bahru

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Malaysia has countless amazing places to visit. One of them should be Desaru. Lots of people didn’t notice that Desaru actually have many enjoyable places pay a visit to. We’re going to recommend certain areas to travel to in Desaru, Desaru attractions, also hotel johor bahru, and food to enjoy here.

Weekend Gateway Destinations: Desaru


Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast, famous for a family-friendly resort, offers luxurious rooms and suites that can offer you a relaxing stay. They provide various amenities and entertainment which include spa and pool party. You’ll also get yourself the finest dining experience as their diverse restaurants have just the things you need.

Should you prefer a hotel, you must consider Amansari Hotel Desaru. It is a good location that is nearby to Desaru beach, and so, it is easy to find a restaurant test local food and seafood. Aside from that, they supply laundry service and luggage storage which is convenient for the traveler.

hotel johor bahru


Other great places pay a visit to in Desaru is The ELS Club Desaru Coast, a good option to play golf. The Ocean Course is made up of 27-holes developed by 4-time Major Champion, Ernie Els whilst The Valley Course covers 18-holes in 41 hectares with 187 bunkers. For golf lovers out there, you will have a great time here.

Have you seen ostrich and make contact with them? So if the answer is no, then you definitely must visit Desaru Ostrich Farm. They’ve more than 100 ostriches on the farm and you’ll have the chance to get close to them. The caretakers will share all of the fun facts about ostriches that you will be amazed.

Anyone of you the courage to hug a crocodile? In Teluk Sengat Crocodile Farm, you will have the chance to touch and carry the crocodiles (with the supervising of a caretaker). The farm has more than 1000 crocodiles and few of them are exceed A hundred years old! If you are brave enough, do visit the farm.


Seafood is among the famous food in Desaru. With the number of a seafood restaurant in Desaru, choose what to pick is really difficult. Do not worry! Just try out Jade Garden Seafood Corner. It is 30 mins faraway from Desaru Beach. All of their seafood is fresh and delicious, at the same time, with a low price.

For the Muslims, if you would like to try seafood in Desaru, stop by Sengat Seafood Restaurant as their food is Muslim-friendly. They serve various kind of delicious seafood which is value for money. If you do not know which to choose, just order their salted egg crab or chili crab, the best in the restaurant.

In conclusion, Desaru is definitely a fun and fascinating area to visit. It’s appropriate for family and friend trip, and a solo traveler. Here are all of the recommended places to stay, visit and food to consume, especially Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast. Visit their site at to explore. If you are planning to have a trip, do consider Desaru.