How the MyDigi App Made My Life Simpler

mydigi app

Before I used the MyDigi app, I paid my phone bills on their website with my desktop computer. I didn’t think it was troublesome, but it’s rather inconvenient when I have to manage my accounts when I’m outside.

The MyDigi app solves my problem of inconvenience. Immediately after I downloaded the mobile account app, I noticed how it made my life simpler.

Here are the advantages of MyDigi app you cannot miss:

Pay your bills anywhere, anytime

As I said, the MyDigi app is very convenient because I can manage and pay bills as long as I have my phone. You can also reload or top-up your data with this app. The best thing is, it’s instant!

Manage your account

manage data and voice quata MyDigi App

Before I had this app, checking my data quota wasn’t that easy. But now with the MyDigi app, I can keep track of all of my account information with my just my phone! I find it really awesome that I can settle anything related to my phone plans with my phone.

Get rewards exclusively for you

Personally, I signed up for this app for its convenience, but it’s nice to know that I also get rewards and promotional deals from it. The MyDigi app offers exclusive rewards for its users, and it’ll be such a waste if you just ignore it.

Customer service on the go

Another feature of the MyDigi app that pleasantly surprised me was how you could contact Digi‘s customer service with the app. If you experience any problems, you can drop a quick text to customer service and ask for help!

Secure and hassle-free

Some people might have security concerns with mobile account apps, but the new sign-up authentication process that comes with the MyDigi app makes sure that your account is safe and secure. So far, I have no security issues with the app; you can take it from me.


Since downloading the MyDigi app, it has made my life simpler with all the features I stated above. I only wish that I could’ve found the app sooner and enjoy all the benefits!