Health Problems Arising from the use of Air Conditioner

It is really convenient if your home is equipped with air conditioner or air cond especially during the hot weather. But do you know that air cond has a health threat? Uncontrolled use will cause some of the following
problems or health problems:


Generally, if you work in an office which is equipped with air cond all day, the skin will easily dry out. It’s a sign of dehydration. The situation will become even worse when the temperature of the air cond is too cool. This will cause higher levels of dehydration. Skin irritation will occur. You need to drink more water and use the body and hands lotion more frequently.

Dizziness and Migraines

This problem will occur if the level of dehydration is too high. For the initial rank, you will start feeling dizzy and over time dehydration will trigger migraines. This problem will be faster if the temperature in a cold air chamber is too cool.

Respiratory Problems

Those who spend a lot time in rooms that have air cond will have a threat to the respiratory system. The main disturbance will occur on the part of the throat, nose and eyes. It will cause sore throat, nose pain and rhinitis. Therefore, you who are first time in an air cond room will experience a fever.

Asthma and Allergic

The use of aircond will cause the asthma and the condition will become more agitated. This case will be easier to occurs if the aircond is not maintain properly. Through cold-air systems, germs and bacteria will be more easily dispersed. So allergic will often attacts our health.

Flagging and Whacked

Air cond at both home or offices are designed to comfort you and provide comfort whole time of using. But it still has another side of effects. The study shows that people who sit too long in an air cond room will become flagging and whacked and not eager to do any task. Therefore, your sleep time is more comfortable by using air cond. Hence, air cond is said to be one of the factors that you become lazy and unproductive.

air cond

Mitsubishi Electric Malaysia Air Conditioner

With Mitsubishi Electric Malaysia Air Cond, you will notice the differences and will not be having none of the above list issues. Here’s how it will make a huge difference in your life:

Fresh Air & Filtration

Mitsubishi Electric Malaysia has introduced the Platinum Nano Filter providing higher performance of premium units at a molecular level. This system not only cleanses the air of dust particles, it also works as a deodorising filter that rids the environment of unpleasant odours

Mold Growth Prevention

As most of the Air Cond unit have built-in ventilation system, Mitsubishi Electric’s AC ventilation system also drains all excess moisture from your room to prevent mildew growth.

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All in all

Here in Malaysia, there is a need of air conditioner where the average weather is 28°C. Air conditioner definitely become the necessity in a Malaysian household. Despite all the health problem that could arise when using air conditioner, the technology keeps advancing to combat these issue. There is no harm as long as we keep our air conditioner at the best condition.