5 Things You Shouldn’t Do While Driving

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Everyone’s guilty of texting while driving at least once in their lives. We don’t think it’s a big deal to peek at our phones while waiting at a traffic light, but being distracted while driving is very dangerous. Even with advanced car safety technology in cars like the Perodua Aruz, it is crucial to practise safe driving.

Why should we pay attention to the road? A slight distraction could make a driver miss critical cues on the road and lose control of their vehicle, which could lead to accidents and possibly even death. Not only is distracted dangerous to the driver, but it can also affect others on the road.

Despite the obvious danger, most of us still do things while driving when we shouldn’t. Here are some examples of things we should never do while focusing on the road:


It’s a common sight to see drivers and even motorcyclists texting these days. However, even replying a short text means taking our eyes off the road, and being unaware of what’s on the road. We understand that it’s exciting to reply to messages, but you should put your phone away when driving. If you think the notifications are distracting you, turn the whole phone off.

perodua aruz

Applying makeup

Driving while applying eyeliner? That’s multitasking, right? Unfortunately, not only is applying makeup takes your attention off the road, but it also means one hand off the steering wheel. You may even adjust your mirror to check your makeup, but this only means that you’re not using your mirror to look for cars around you.

Having an emotional conversation

Arguing or having an emotionally-charged conversation (or phone call) while driving is always a bad idea. When your mind isn’t clear, you drive more recklessly and put everyone at risk. If you think you aren’t feeling emotionally stable, stop your car at the side of the road and cool down. Only continue driving when you have a calm head.

Blasting loud music

Sure, it’s fun to enjoy your favourite music while driving, but make sure you don’t play it too loud. It isn’t advisable to wear earphones too. Loud music can be as distracting when driving, especially when it prevents drivers from hearing important sounds and noises around you.

Reaching for anything

This means retrieving your bag from the backseat or getting something from your purse. Picking up things from anywhere in your car takes your attention off the road and puts you away from the steering wheel. You will not have the time to react even if it’s only picking something from the passenger seat.


As a driver, it is your responsibility to drive safely on the road. A mistake on the road could mean life and death, so it’s important to reduce any form of distraction while driving.

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