5 Fact you need to know before giving formula milk to your baby

The issue of giving infant formula milk or breast milk has become a debate that goes on all the time. General knows that breast milk is the best. But we do not want to discuss only the disadvantages of formula milk. What you need to do is to have some good research and to take a detailed look at something before making the right decision for your baby. In fact, all parents must want the best for the kids. Therefore, if you have a variety of questions about formula milk, here are just about 5 things about formula milk you should know.

Most formula milk are all the same

Is it a crazy thing to choose the best formula milk for a baby? But you know, in fact, most formula milk is all the same. This is because they rely on the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) all producers need to include 29 essential nutrients in each milk. So, even it different brands of milk, packaging and prices, but they all have the same ingredients. However, a typical formula is specific to a particular situation. For example, milk for premature babies has more calories than the standard. Formula milk based on soy or hydrolyzed formula is typical for infants who are allergic or incompatible with milk proteins.

High content of fructose corn syrup

Before you select any formula, check the label first. Do not be surprised if most formula milk contains high sugar level! According to Dr.Carolyn Dean, a nutritional adviser on Magnesium Nutrition Society, most of formula milk are using fructose corn syrup as a substitute for sugars in their milk.

Your baby can be allergic to the formula

Most babies can indeed digest formula. However, there are also allergies. Allergies to protein milk are not the same as lactose allergies, so you need to know the signs. One of your child’s signs of milk allergies is there‚Äôs blood in the baby’s stool, babies often cry, colic and the baby seems restless. If your baby is allergic to formula, the doctor will suggest soy- based milk. If they are allergic to soy too, extra-hydrolyze milk may be recommended.

Infant do not consume breast milk and formula milk in the same amount

Pediasure formula milk

The baby ‘s stool colour and texture are determined by what he or she consumes. That’s why there is a difference in baby’s stools who consumes breast milk and formula milk. According to research, babies who drink formula milk will remove stools with stronger, darker shades and stickier than babies with breast milk. You can see babies who drink breast milk can pass their stool more easily compare with baby formula. Do not panic, it’s normal.

The amount of milk the baby drinks is not the same

The amount of milk the baby needs to drink is not the same for every baby. It depends on how much calories they need. So, do not be surprised if a baby drinks a little, but for a little size baby while he drinks a lot. Everything is normal.

In Summary

Most babies also do not have problems with powdered milk, which is also more affordable. But if your baby shows a sensitive reaction for formula milk, the doctor may suggest another version for source of protein. You may give your baby any formula milk but make sure to consult a doctor.