4 Turning Points in e-Payment History

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The way humans engaged in commerce has changed a lot throughout the ages. First, there was bartering and livestock that didn’t involve monetary payments.  Then in 1816, the value of any currency was set by establishing its value in gold. Lastly, credit cards became a common method of payment later in the 20th century.

These days, online shopping, mobile payments and e-payment is the way to go when paying bills or purchasing items.

These days, online shopping, mobile payments and e-payment is the way to go when paying bills or purchasing items. They’re fast, efficient, and the best thing is, you can do it all at home with just your smartphone.

Here are some major events in the e-payment history that lead us to where we are now:

The creation of the World Wide Web

Obviously, the arrival of the internet played an important role in the origins of e-payment. Without the World Wide Web, there wouldn’t be online shopping and services that we all enjoy today.

In 1969, the military network, ARPANET, was meant to be a communication network in the era of the Vietnam war. But Tim Berners-Lee suggested transferring information in an easier method by publishing them on internet ‘sites’ and pages.

His solution changed the way we used the Internet forever and paved the way to e-payment.

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The start of e-payment systems

As the internet started to develop in the 90s, pioneer payment services started to cooperate. Stanford Federal Credit Union was the first financial institution that offered online internet banking services.

However, the process wasn’t user-friendly and only people with specialized knowledge of encryption or data transfer protocol can use it.

Many more companies are starting to offer online services with micropayment systems, and Pizza Hut was the first company with an online delivery system.

Simplified payment possibilities

As time way by, the payment process is minimized to just a few simple steps. There was no longer the need to install a particular software for monetary transaction and the payment systems are available from any device connected to the internet.

It wouldn’t be a surprise for e-payment methods to get easier and more convenient in the near future.

Mobile payment

We rely on smartphones for everything these days, so it’s only natural to be able to pay our bills with our phones.

Most mobile devices with an internet connection can make payment now, and there are some retail stores that also allow you to pay in a physical store.


The payment landscape is changing fast and it’s only going to go further from here. Thanks to new technologies, paying your bills has never been easier. For example, you can pay your bill for Digi in several e-payment methods.

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